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3 Top Ingredients of Modern Farmhouse Style

It seems everyone is jumping on the rustic-chic bandwagon, but what exactly is “modern farmhouse” style, and how do you discern which of its characteristics have lasting impact? Here’s the short answer: Study the classics. Incorporating ...

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Comfort Room

Listing Your Home Soon – Tips to Get You Started

Whether you’ve sold one home or ten homes, there are things that you need to know before listing your home for sale.  The home selling process is one that could be as smooth as freshly poured blacktop or it could be one with twists, turns an...

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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership: What’s in It for Them?

Every human being makes up each morning thinking that they are the center of their own personal universe. Do you think that sounds cynical? Well let’s play through the following scenario. ​ You are driving to work listening to the rad...

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portrait of male plumber holding clipboard looking at electric boiler

What Happens if I Have a Bad Home Inspection?

Selling your home can be a stressful situation. It’s more about the unknown that bothers most sellers than actually moving and packing. One mystery that has to be addressed fairly early in the transaction is the home inspection. I equat...

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blooming sonoran desert at sunset.

Housing’s spring selling season is in full bloom

Springtime is always a pivotal time for the housing sector as it accounts for an out-sized portion of sales activity. Sellers don’t want prospective buyers tramping snow and mud through their homes in the winter, and buyers often don’t...

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